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    Direct Paper. OUR NEW LOOK

    We have refreshed our branding and are excited to unveil our new look!

    The new logo

    For more than two decades we have established ourselves as a significant player in the paper merchant industry and have built an incredibly successful and strong business through continual growth. Our new logo encapsulates both the evolution of our family business through the circle element as well as our strong vision for the future with the original paper plane re-vamped with a modern geometric look and now rocketing upwards.

    “After 21 hugely successful years in the paper business we are excited to share a fresh new modern look to complement our strong Australian family values, market position and goals for the future ”

    The updated name

    We are the only Australian family owned and operated independent paper merchant. Our newly updated name, Direct Paper, reflects that we have Direct relationships at the forefront- with customers, suppliers and with team members. We are proud to reflect the core values of our family company through our new branding.

    The service icons

    We like to keep things easy, so “paper made easy” was the perfect fit!  Our service icons are a breakdown of the core services we provide. An important element of our new branding, which also reflects the evolution of our new logo from a flat piece of paper (Sample), with each sequential fold creating a new element (Service, Convert, Store, Deliver) resulting in the finished fold representing our final element- the paper plane logo.

    The tagline

    “We don’t make the paper.
    We make the difference.”

    Our new tagline encapsulates the manner in which we approach all dealings- our willingness to go further and make the difference for our customers. We provide an unmatched personalized service whilst supplying the highest quality paper products available. That’s what makes the difference.

    The result

    We achieved a fresh modern look to compliment our family values, market position and goals for the future.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts

     Get in touch to let us know what you think of our new branding!


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