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    The Creative Process Behind Our New Identity

    This month marks one year since we launched our new branding, so we sat down with the team at Gloss Design to reminisce and get an insight into the creative process behind the brand…


    Q: How did you come up with the new identity, what was the thought process behind the project?

    Gloss: When Direct Paper first reached out to Gloss, they were known as ‘Direct Paper Supplies’ they already had a logo and a solid reputation that went along with it.

    In approaching their rebrand we scrutinised everything about the company, looking into their business to ensure that we had a thorough understanding of their history, values, unique offerings and the direction they were heading as a company. We began with the company name. Wanting to ensure that Direct Paper did not alienate their existing client base or lose their well earned reputation, our first suggestion was to shorten their brand name to ‘Direct Paper’, this idea was welcomed and from there our ideas started to flourish.

    In the original brief Direct Paper had requested a ‘strong’, ‘modern’, ‘professional’ and ‘personable’ brand to increase their profile. After developing multiple concepts, the final design was essentially a modern take on their original logo. The traditional serif font, became a dominant and confident sans serif font in caps, and the original outlined paper plane symbol that was quite literal in it’s appearance, became a contemporary, flat geometric symbol that would come to act as a standalone brand mark.



    We then developed the service icons to further instil the company’s offerings, highlighting the converting process that the paper undertakes that ultimately makes Direct Paper unique. The focus put on both the process and the product was also the motivation behind the brands new tagline, ‘paper made easy’. The tagline also made reference to Direct Paper’s approach to business – putting the customer at the forefront to make the process simple for them.



    The service icons and tagline really helped to establish the brand, promoting the concept and solidifying the brand.

    The Avion design materialised after the service icons and the logo, the idea was inspired by the borders typically used on airmail, we felt it was another subtle reference to flight, speed, efficiency and the delivery process – all key services for Direct Paper. It also allowed us to project the new brand colours (navy blue and orange) across both printed and digital collateral to unite the brand and subsequent materials.


    Q: Did you face any challenges on this project?

    Gloss: The swatch books were probably the most challenging part of the project, each swatch book had it’s own custom, handmade insert. We wanted to ensure that the captions for each swatch lined up exactly, but we didn’t have the inserts to reference as they were being created at the same time by a company that didn’t have a printed version of the covers to reference, so we ended giving them the exact measurements between each swatch to work from.

    We also wanted to ensure that the information displayed, although varied for each swatch, followed a template that was easy to follow and uniform to one another.



    Q: What types of materials did you produce to help share Direct Paper’s new brand?

    Gloss: Where to begin! There were a lot of different materials required for this job, everything from a new brand mark, brand guides, stationary, presentation folders, labels, signage, paper swatch books, a packaging kit we even created the parking signs for the staff.

    Q: Looking to the future, how do you feel the brand will evolve down the track?

    Gloss: The end result is a timeless design that will see Direct Paper through many years, we would like to see the brand mark eventually being used as a stand alone, it’s association to the Direct Paper brand ingrained amongst the market and readily identifiable as Direct Paper on it’s own. We can’t wait to see how else the brand will evolve to meet the needs of the company and the demands of the market place.

    It was a pleasure to work alongside Direct Paper, and we couldn’t be happier with the result, and from what we hear, the new brand has received a lot of positive feedback and been readily welcomed across their customer base, which is fantastic.

    Make sure you check out more of the amazing projects from Gloss here https://glossdesign.com.au/



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