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    Nautilus 100% Recycled

    If it’s premium recycled fine paper your after with Australia’s best environmental credentials, specify Nautilus 100% Recycled.

    On our latest Nautilus 100% Recycled promo (featured), the standout technique used was a registered multi level sculptured blind emboss. Read on to find out more about this process….



    Why did we use an emboss on this promo?

    We think it’s a pretty cool way to show off how well this paper embellishes, but without the use of plastic or metallic coatings to keep the piece 100% Recyclable and as natural as possible – it just made sense.

    What type of emboss is that, you ask?

    It’s a registered multi level sculptured blind emboss- phew! This means the image area was raised to multiple levels to create a 3D type effect with different depths. A blind emboss means the embossed area is free of ink creating characteristics of lights and shadows and a clean distinctive image – in this case we did both, so you can see, feel, touch (and fall in love) with the raw paper. Of course we couldn’t resist adding on some beautiful print outside of the emboss area too!





    How is this effect created?

    This effect is created by pressing a sheet of paper (in this case Nautilus 100% Recycled 350gsm) into a female die, that has a design engraved or etched into it. Sometimes a male counterpart die is also applied underneath, so that the paper is sandwiched between the two and the design is transferred to the paper- creating an emboss on the top surface & deboss on the reverse. Sculptured emboss dies (as featured here) are manufactured from brass or metal and hand engraved to reflect even the smallest features creating in-depth detail. This particular type of hand-tooled die embosses many levels through the use of curves, angles, and varying depths.

    Is paper selection important? 

    Absolutely! Paper selection with embossing can be critical and not all stocks are suitable for embossing. As a general rule, uncoated stocks tend to perform better. Here, the recycled fibre in Nautilus provided excellent volume, allowing for a much deeper emboss with this project.

    Speak to one of our friendly Account Managers if you require assistance with stock selection or sample sheets for trials/testing. 

    Hot tip: You can also have the die sculpted to create a bevelled edge for added effect (check out the sharp edges on the Nautilus tentacles!)




    Want a sample? 

    Get in touch. You really have to see and FEEL this piece to truly appreciate the paper stock and finishing (images on a screen really don’t do it justice).

    Click here to request your copy




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